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Programs and Services

Youth Services

Our organization offers a wide range of services for youth, including,

•    Individual Counseling for Youth & Parents
•    Family Counseling
•    Group Counseling
•    Basic Needs (Food, Shelter, Clothes
•    Community Awareness/Education
•    Case Management
•    Employment/Vocational Opportunities
•    Drug Prevention Program
•    Treatment Planning I Review
•    Individual/Family Rehab
•    Parental Support
•    Bullying Prevention

Mental Health

Youth & Family Services of Hughes & Seminole Counties  

has teamed up with other organizations to provide mental health services to the highest standard. We have a referral program which connects our clients to the services listed below:

•    Dialectical Behavior Therapy

•    Family therapy
•    Counseling
•    Individual therapy

•    Teen intervention
•    Grievance counseling

•    Psychiatric evaluation

Educational Services

At Youth & Family Services of Hughes & Seminole Counties, we believe that education is key to unlocking success for young people. We know that meeting basic needs is crucial to success, which is why we provide services and referrals to help families achieve stability and focus on their educational goals. That's why we offer a range of educational services, including

  • Mentoring/Tutoring

  • After School Programs

  • SAT Prep

Health and Wellness

Youth & Family Services of Hughes & Seminole Counties promotes healthy living. Our health and wellness program is designed to help relieve stress and to promote positivity along with mental strength. "When you feel good you look good, when you look good you do good". Below is a list of some of our services and affiliated services.


•   Health
•   Wellness
•   Nutrition
•   Mindfulness

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